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By entrusting us with your property, you entrust us with your story. Every story is unique! Our services will be personalized, from the evaluation of your property, the choice of the advertising campaign until the completion of the sale. We take care of those steps for you with the support of a professional and multilingual team at your service! 

Customers do not come with files, but with a history that they entrust to us. It is up to us to prove ourselves worthy by giving them, among other things, a tailor-made service, valuations which faithfully reflect the market and clear answers.

Whether for a sale or purchase, our approach is the same: we do for the customer what we would do for ourselves.

tailor-made service


For each owner and each file, the administrative tasks to be performed day-to-day are very diverse. This profession requires a lot of empathy because owners are entrusting us with their property, entrusting us with a part of their life and their history. Therefore we must understand them and guide them as best we can, and support them in the various procedures needed to complete a property transaction.

latest information


As soon as we offer a new property for sale or rental, our customer portfolio gets the latest information. Registering in our database guarantees that you will be among the first to be notified and as such will make sure you don't miss the house of your dreams!

experience of the region


As property specialists in the region our expertise covers Overijse, Hoeilaart, Huldenberg, Tervuren and the Brabant Walloon area. Thanks to our experience and extended network we can help you to find or sell the house of your dreams.