It's the sentimental attachment, including one's family, which connects people to their house. This goes beyond the strict confines of business and has to be taken into consideration.

Since 1986, the Immo FERCO team has been able to demonstrate its professionalism with its customers. With us, you will find a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about property and who have complete knowledge of the market in Overijse and the surrounding area.

As property specialists in the region around Overijse, Hoeilaart, Huldenberg and Tervuren, over the years we have built up a portfolio of customers looking for the house of their dreams.

Whether you are looking to make a discreet transaction or need the strength of an extensive and diverse publicity campaign, we have a package that is suited to your needs.

Putting your trust in Immo FERCO means the guarantee of a quality service with complete peace of mind.